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Buying a property can be a stressful, complex and time consuming process, particularly for those who are new to the market or have minimal knowledge of the real estate industry. This is where engaging a buyer’s agent can help provide you with invaluable assistance throughout your purchasing journey and alleviate the many stresses involved. By working with a professional buyer’s agent, you gain access to their expertise, insights and extensive knowledge of the local property market.A buyer’s agent will help you to adequately define your property requirements, identify suitable properties, assess their true value and negotiate the best possible price and terms on your behalf. With these optimised property insights, you will be able make informed decisions about your purchases and navigate the buying process with confidence. Ultimately, De Novo can help you secure your dream home or investment, whilst saving you time, reducing stress and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Full Service: search and purchase

De Novo takes care of everything for your purchasing journey, from the start right to settlement and we do this with the utter most care and diligence. First, we gain an understanding of your purchasing criteria, this will allow us to profile properties and provide you with advice in relation to the current market value of properties in your desired areas. We will then connect you with both on and off market opportunities that are suited to your budget and requirements. Our team will then inspect and thoroughly assess selected properties on your behalf, which includes conducting the necessary due diligence and research. Once the properties have been inspected, we will create a short list of the most suitable properties, which will then be presented to the buyer. The buyer will then select their desired property and De Novo agents will then negotiate with the sellers on your behalf, to achieve the best possible purchase price and contract terms. De Novo can also connect you with other essential services including mortgage brokers, financial planners, building and pest inspectors and conveyancers.Purchasing a property is a big commitment and for most people entails lifelong savings, which is why De Novo will ensure that buyers are fully informed and feel secure in their decisions, prior to making any offer.This is why our service is also ideal for buyers who may prefer to independently conduct property searches and personally attend inspections, however still require further insights and advices in relation to their potential purchase. Further, whilst many enjoy personally attending inspections, many do not enjoy or feel confident in negotiating the purchasing price and will seek the assistance of an agent purely for negotiations.

Evaluation and Negotiation

Our service is also ideal for buyers who prefer to conduct their own property search but would still benefit from the expertise of a professional buyers agent. We provide valuable advice on the current market value of the property and complete the necessary due diligence to ensure that you are fully informed before making any offer. Our team also negotiates the best possible price on your behalf and ensures a seamless settlement process.

Auction bidding service

We understand that bidding at auctions can be a daunting process for most buyers. Our aim is to remove the emotional stress and uncertainty that can come with buying a property at auction. We achieve this by providing our clients with a strategic plan prior to attending the auction, which involves our opinion as to the value of the property and defining how the auction process will occur on the day of the auction. Having obtained many successful auction bids, De Novo will help you secure properties by attending and bidding at auctions on your behalf.

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